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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Party of 3...And Yes We'll Need a High Chair

Wooo! Eddie can sit all by himself now!

For the last week or so he's been able to sit alone as long as he was slumped forward. And yesterday while we played with Heidi he did a lot of sitting...and a lot of flopping over to the side, which seemed to take him by surprise. Today while he was at Cassie's house he began sitting for long periods of time WITHOUT flopping over. She sent me a picture of him happily playing and sitting. He and I spent our pre-bath play time in the living room tonight where he showed off his new skill.I know I'll miss having him sit on my lap all the time...but this milestone is great. It means that he can sit in his OWN chair at restaurants now so I'll actually get to eat my food with both hands. Right now I usually hold him or nurse him until our food comes, then try to balance him and eat at the same time. Meanwhile Dave eats his food quickly so he can take Eddie so I can eat. Whew.

It is better at home because we have the Bumbo seat and I make him in it at the table whenever we eat. Well, whenever we eat and he's be honest we prefer to eat in front of the TV to eat but no one needs to tell Eddie that. We want him to grow up understanding that family meals happen around the dining room table.


steph.kelley said...

Hee hee: I like the sentinel of pillows around him. :) Congrats Eddie!

mu rye uh said...

Do you guys already have a high chair? I love the spacesaver if you don't have on already it has recline so for little babies they can lay back and sleep if need be.
First sitting up Next graduating from Yale.