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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Starting Over

The week before I was to return to school, Dave and I arranged to have our new nanny come over and hang out with Eddie so they could get used to each other. Then she quit so I had to find alternate care. So my plans of gradually easing him into a new situation didn't work out as planned, because now that I'm in school I can't ease him into the new day care he goes to.

After interviewing two potential nannies and visiting a small in-home daycare, Dave and I settled on the daycare for Eddie. Cassie runs a licensed daycare in her home here in Davis, just a short bike ride from campus. She always has her daughter with her (~2.5 years old) and often has another kiddo there, too. Eddie is the youngest child she currently watches so he gets to interact with lots of older kids and be endlessly entertained.

Yesterday was his first day at Cassie's house. I took him at noon and fetched him at 6pm. She said he had fun all day, slept twice, and only began to get fussy at 5pm. Evenings are his "fussy time" so I'm not surprised. The poor thing only took 4 oz of milk the whole time I was gone. With the in-home nanny he did the same thing, taking only a fraction of the milk he normally takes from me or Dave. He's probably too overwhelmed to eat enough. Cassie assured me that lower milk intake is normal for the first few weeks in a daycare as the child adjusts.

Tomorrow Eddie will probably be with her all day, 8am-6pm. Luckily my professor is very understanding about my sudden scramble to find alternate care and if I need to make tomorrow another partial day I think he'd be okay with that.


mu rye uh said...

So glad that it went well. That eases the mind a bit. And I agree about the milk intake. My kids are the same way. They would only eat for certain people. But when Elizabeth watches (and she watches her the most frequently) Buggy she can get her to eat like 8 oz where most people say she wouldn't take anything.

steph.kelley said...

Yay for finding a comfortable situation for Eddie. It sounds like he's really grooving to it! My fingers are crossed for you both as the full-day trial approaches. xoxoxo