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Sunday, January 24, 2010

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

...Remember that book? I always loved it because my nickname growing up was "Mouse." Plus, I can totally relate to that mouse's antics.

This weekend was a perfect example:

If Eddie goes down for a nap, Julie will want to rush to clean the bathrooms while he's sleeping. Not knowing how long she'll have before he wakes up, she'll rush to wipe down the sink, wipe the mirrors, and scrub the toilet.

And if you give Julie a babysitter after he's awake, she'll decide to take advantage of her new-found freedom from playing with and holding the baby to deep clean the bathrooms. (The babysitter was Dave.) She'll scrub the sinks with Soft Scrub, scour the caulking around the bottom of the toilet, wipe down the baseboards, sweep AND mop the bathroom floors.

And since she has the mop bucket out, she'll decide to mop ALL the floors in the WHOLE house. So she'll remove all the little rugs by the doors and toss them into the washer. Then she'll vacuum the area and hallway rugs. She'll even machine wash the rubber no-slide rubber mats under the hallway runner carpets while she mops.

Then she'll decide the house stinks too much of Pinesol and Lysol so she'll decide to cook up a storm to get rid of the cleanser smell. So she'll make a huge pot of soup and a double batch of chocolate chip cookies.

And since by this time Eddie has gone down for a second nap and the cookies are in the oven, she'll decide to rearrange the living room area rug (so the babies have more carpeted area to play on). And Dave can help since he's not holding Eddie anymore.

And now she needs to go to bed because all that cleaning and cooking and furniture moving has wiped her OUT!

Good night! We had a great weekend!


mu rye uh said...

Go you! I have since the kids are older designated babysitter time as read a book time, but that is how I did it too with little babes. It is therapeutic to me to deep clean something

huntfamily said...

sounds like a familiar schedule. :)