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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Today's To Dos

  • Make lunch for tomorrow
  • Eat shiitake mushrooms that we harvested from our mushroom log last night
  • Figure out how to get to the new cardiologist's office in Sacramento
  • Bake bread
  • Pick up used baby bottles from lady who posted them on Craigslist
  • Deliver cinnamon rolls to friends
  • Take a nap since I'm starting work tomorrow and will be waaaaaaaaaaaay to busy during my days home to ever take one again
  • Make Edward clean up the dog poop in the yards
  • Buy milk
  • Buy a Sunday paper so I can clip the coupons
Tomorrow will be easy peasy since I will only have to go to the cardiologist in the morning and then go to work (Eddie will be home with the nanny). But by the time Tuesday I will be busy with two babies and by 4pm on Tuesday I will be SUPER busy with three babies. Ack. I hope we all survive the day without too much chaos. (Keep your fingers crossed for me, k?)

Dave keeps telling me, "Babe, if anyone can do this it's you." He might be right but I still don't believe him.


mu rye uh said...

I'm a big ol' baby and it will go better than you think. It will be fun, but maybe challenging at times. You can train your dogs to be like nanna in Peter pan if all else fails

huntfamily said...

i bet you cant wait until eddie can clean up the dog poop. good luck this week!

steph.kelley said...

Bake bread and drop of cinnamon rolls? Are you insane? You are Wonderwoman, Julie, but really this is too much! :P