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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekends Are Too Short!

Our weekend was fabulous...but way, way too short.

Dave was here on Friday to take care of Eddie while I was at school. He showed our "manny" (a nice student named Jacob) how to take care of Eddie and let them hang out for an hour to get to know each other.

The weather was AMAZING on Saturday so we got up early and let Eddie have his morning nap in the stroller while we walked the dogs downtown. We ate breakfast at Bernardo's, then hung out with some other dog owners at the Farmers Market (border collie owners have a tendency to find each other). Then we ran some errands. My favorite part was stopping at a new mom-and-pop cafe for a treat. There is a proper changing table in the bathroom and no one minds when I nurse Eddie there--two things I have grown to love in an eatery. (Dave liked it because Office Space was playing on the TV behind me.)When we got back home we all worked outside in the fresh air. Eddie spent more than an hour happily bouncing in his jumperoo seat on the patio while I weeded the little yard. Then he spent another hour in the backpack while I weeded and raked leaves in the front yard. Eventually he fell I just set the pack on the porch, threw a blanket on him, and kept on working.We ended the day with our friends, John and Jessica, coming over to make s'mores around the fire pit. Eddie was asleep by that point so it was nice to have some adult time. =) Not that I really feel like much of an adult. More like a kid with a kid...but you know.

Today was fun because Dave and I got to go on a DATE! When I heard that my 67 year old mother saw Avatar last week I decided that I really had to see it. I'm sooooooooooooo glad that I did. It was really, really, really good. I liked the love story part, all the current events innuendos, and the special effects (we looked stunning in our 3D glasses). I told Dave we might have to buy it when it comes out on DVD...and we'll also have to buy a bigger/nicer TV on which to watch it. =)

Last week I started brushing Eddie's gums with his baby gum stimulator brush that came in his hygiene kit. Dave got such a kick out of watching Eddie munch on the brush after I was done poking around his mouth. His bedtime routine is getting longer and longer but at least it is firm: around 8:10-8:20pm he has a bath in the kitchen, he gets dried off in the living room, dressed in his jammies, gums brushed, then we try to read a cloth book in the rocking chair (usually doesn't work because by this time he's super tired and fussy), then he nurses, and finally (while still awake) he goes down in the crib. Usually he fusses for a few minutes but he's getting better.

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steph.kelley said...

What a fabulous weekend — and fabulous you for seizing the day and enjoying it so much with your family. You're awesome.