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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dear Eddie

Hi Eddie, it's Mama. Daddy and I were wondering when you're going to make your appearance. We finished everything on our to do lists so you can come anytime. Your new room is set up, we have lots of diapers, and plenty of premade food so we can concentrate 100% on you in your first weeks. I know we'll spend most of our time staring at you--your teensy weensy little fingers and toes, your beautiful eyes that roll back into your head with pleasure as you nurse--and marveling that we made you and you're ours.

Over the last week, Mama has felt the effects of carrying you around much more than before. She wakes up with a sore back and swollen hands and waddles when she walks. Nothing major, but if you'd like to come today, Daddy and I would be overjoyed.

...As would your Uncle Edward, after whom you are named. He's only in California for a few more weeks and he really wants to hang out with you before he has to leave again for school. It is clear that he's almost as excited as we are to meet you. I don't know if you've been able to hear him talking to you, but he often talks to Mama's belly saying things like "Hey baby should come out now." Maybe he's not talking loud enough for you to hear...

Anyway, we want to meet you, sweet boy.

Love tons and tons and tons and tons...

Mama and Daddy

PS. Coming today would be great. That way Daddy will already be in Davis and he won't have to drive all the way up to Gualala only to come back again if you decide to come only a short while after he's left. =)

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