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Monday, August 10, 2009

Round Face

Not only are my hands and feet really swollen now, but so is my face. While chowing down on my $5 footlong at lunch today, I noticed that my jaw felt a little tight, similar to how my knuckles always feel now that my hands are perma-swollen. Again at dinner I noticed the same thing and said so. Edward said he noticed that my face seemed swollen today. (At least he was nice and didn't just say that my face is now fat!)

When I got home I looked in the mirror and sure enough, I have pudgy cheeks.

I'm also feeling more lower abdominal aches and pains, especially when I change positions quickly. Some quick reading online makes me think it is "round ligament pain," from my ever-expanding uterus stretching my poor abdomen out of shape. Since I don't have any other scary symptoms (bleeding, major weight gain, severe/sharp pain, change in baby's movements, etc.) and the discomfort subsides once I stop moving, I'm pretty sure it isn't anything major. I have a doctor's appointment on Tuesday (one of my two "due dates"--Monday or Tuesday, depending on which sonogram measurement you believe, as if it makes much difference anyway) and will ask about it then.

Unless, of course, I've had the baby by then. But so far he seems too comfortable to leave, the little stinker.

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Mimi mouse said...

Get out already little Eddie! Elizabeth gets puffy while pregnant like she totally had squinty eyes and stuff. Ugh the last of the prego pains-hopefully all is normal