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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pictures of Eddie

Edward Lawrence Bower
Thursday, August 13, 2009


Sutter Davis Hospital Birthing Center
Delivered by midwife Jessica
8lbs, 2oz

21" long

13" head and chest

Nicknames so far: Eddie, Eddie Pie, Big E, Little Man

He wore the same sleeper home from the hospital that both Edward and I did. That's one great thing about having a mom who is a pack rat: you find sentimental goodies like this in the house!
Grandpa and Baby hands...weird that those little fingers will be so big someday:
With Grandpa on the customized changing table:
Skin-to-skin time with Daddy:
My dad and Dave worked on installing the shade structure over the patio the day after we got home from the hospital...Eddie went out to check the progress and to visit with his grandpa:
Grandma Jane loves her grandbaby boy:
Here we are in the front yard under the sign I made to announce to the neighborhood that our baby arrived:
We did a quick photoshoot at the park on his 4th day:
The Edwards! When my brother and I were in day care, there was another Edward who was my age. To keep the two Edwards straight, the teachers called my brother (younger) "big e" and the older one "little e." My brother is excited to now be called "little e." I had these shirts made a few weeks ago at a local shop. I'd actually made a newborn sized Onesie, figuring Eddie could wear that right away and then grow into the 0-3 month size one. But since he popped out at over 8lbs, he's already in the bigger one!


mu rye uh said...

big e is so cute!

steph.kelley said...

What a beautiful family you make. The six of you on the lawn make a classic Kodak moment (ooh, terminology that will be indecipherable to the Digital Generation!). What a handsome, handsome babe you have! They don't all pop out lookin' so cute. :D