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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sacramento Zoo

Last Tuesday Edward and I went to the Sacramento Zoo after going to the Volvo pick 'n pull place to get some replacement plastic pieces for the inside of my car. (I finally have working cup holders again!)

The Sac Zoo is quite small, but overall is very nice. It is never too crowded and you can get pretty close to the animal. They are working on building a viewing platform for the giraffe's so you can be eye-to-eye with them. I'm really looking forward to becoming a member of the zoo once Eddie's at least a year old so we can go often.

I think Edward likes the lemurs the best. It was definitely nap time for them when we were there...the one closest to him was sleeping on its back, just like my darling Potatoes does.
My absolute favorite animal at any zoo is the giant ant eater. Have you every seen one in real life? They are the WEIRDEST looking animal EVER: they look like an emu on one end (yeah, the bird), with sloth-like font paws/claws, and a looooooooooooooooooong skinny face. I love them. I wish I had like $100,000 to donate to the zoo so they could build a better enclosure for these cool creatures. Ant eaters can climb (I guess), so their enclosure is fronted with glass instead of fencing. The reflection of everything behind you makes is super hard to see them, unless you're pressed up against the glass peering inside. If the heat wasn't making my feet so swollen I could have stood there looking at those things all day.

The flamingos are super cool, too--we didn't get to see them last time because it was winter and I think they were living some place warm. Apparently, they get their pink color from some enzyme in the shrimp they eat. I wish I could eat something bronze-colored so I could be tan...just kidding. I think there was some product on the market like that a few years ago but then someone realized it was causing cancer.

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