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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


1. I've been trying to "sleep when baby sleeps," since everyone says that's the key to surviving the first few postpartum weeks. So that means very little computer time and therefore not many blog updates. Sorry! I've managed to get about 2-2.5 hours of sleep at a time, about 3-4 times every night. Strung together that's more than enough sleep...but unfortunately it is broken up so I'm still tired all the time.

2. Eddie will be 2 weeks old tomorrow. Man, time sure flies by quickly these days! We're going to his 2 week appointment tomorrow. We're anxious to find out how much weight he's gained.3. Breastfeeding is still a bit of a challenge. He doesn't open his mouth wide enough for a perfect latch so now I have very sore nipples and even some tiny blisters. Ick! The left side hurts enough that I'm back to pumping that side and finger/pipette feeding that portion. (I'm typing this post out with one hand since I'm holding the shield and bottle with the other hand as I pump...TMI, sorry!) I'm going to ask the doctor about the blisters tomorrow and hope that the lactation consultant from the lactation study can help Eddie learn to latch on better. I have a feeling he just needs to mature a little more. But at least he's getting plenty to eat, we know that for sure. There are plenty of dirty diapers to prove it.

4. Edward left for New York with my mom yesterday. They are en route to Missouri to pick up his new new car (long story...will cover in another post). He'll continue on to NY from there with Emmy and she'll return to CA.

You can practically see the love between these two. Luckily we'll see Uncle Edward in early October at our cousin's wedding.5. Eddie and Dave went to visit with my sister-in-law tonight. I was brave just long enough to pick up a few things from the nearby Target store (including new shirts that are looser than what I normally wear so my ridiculous breast pads won't show through)...but then sobbed in the car outside her house until Dave finally emerged. It was so hard to be away from him. I knew he was safe, with Dave, and only a few hundred feet from me. But he wasn't with me. I'm sure the fact that he was with Bernie, who still hates me, contributed to my being upset. When Dave came out I took Eddie into my arms and kissed/snuggled him for a few minutes to calm myself down before I could put him in his seat so we could leave. God, I was a freaking mess. Let's hope I get over this separation anxiety before he leaves for college!6. Dave's parents visited us yesterday. Dave and his dad had to go to a meeting in Sacramento yesterday about their water company stuff so his mom hung out with me while they were gone. My mom happened to come by, also, so she and Edward could start their cross country trip. It was so great to have both grandmothers there at the same time! I didn't think we'd have that opportunity until Christmas time.

Eddie and his Grammy:
Eddie and both his grandmothers:
Dave's dad was super unsure about handling Eddie (I'm honestly not sure he ever held his own boys when they were newborns. He was a very "hands off" father...but I'm making sure he's not hands off as a papa.). He's overjoyed to be a papa finally. Eddie is his first grandchild, even though he actually has 5 step-grandchildren. This babe is very special to him.7. Eddie pees almost every time we open his diaper. It isn't immediate so it isn't easy to just use a peepee teepee. I've started just wrapping him loosely in a cloth diaper for a few minutes once I've cleaned him up just to give him a chance to pee before I put on a fresh disposable.

We're still using disposables until the scab from his cord stump falls off. The cloth diapers are so big on him still that they rub on it and make it bleed a little. Disposables are expensive and we're anxious to start using the cloth ones. Hopefully his belly will be good to go in a few more days.

8. I love my little boy more and more every day. Nursing issues aside, he's such a good boy for us. He sleeps quite a bit and isn't fussy when he's awake unless he's hungry and I missed his feeding cues (or he's getting his diaper changed or has to take a bath...). I'm one lucky Mama.


mu rye uh said...

aww sweet guy. Hey...Did I see that chic on bay watch?

I vote you don't let him go over there anymore. If she wants to borrow him she can pay you with at least some food, or something.

Have you heard of Newman's ointmentN? It helped me tons. I know super painful I never felt like cussing more in my least at that point anyways

Elizabeth M said...

dang! mariah beat me to the suggestion..but I did give it to her. so anyways, in regards to the Newman's ointment, it was recommended to me after Maddie (I would literally cry when she latched on). It was recommended by the lactation specialist so it should be fine w/ yours. It has an antibiotic among other things in it. I do know though that you can't just get it at any ole' pharmacy. I got both of mine thru the outpatient hospital pharmacies. It has some sort of ingredient that not everyone keeps in stock. Kind of pricey but well worth it. Oh and I would sing 'baa baa black sheep' and curl my toes every time one of the girls would latch on. oh and i cracked and bled even though the specialist said she was latched on correctly. he's probably a 'barracuda sucker' like my little maddie was!

huntfamily said...

your separation anxiety will leave in a few months and you'll beg for a target trip alone. :) you do have such a sweet baby...i can't wait to meet him in a few months!