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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Let Down

OMG...I was just taking a nap (well, trying to) and Eddie squirmed around next to me. He was being fussy in his bassinet that we have placed in the middle of the bed to protect him from the dogs so I laid him down next to me and let my arm rest against his face.

Right when he squirmed and made some cute newborn noise my whole upper body jolted and I felt this intense rush.

...And then I instantly soaked through the socks I had stuffed into my nighttime nursing bra.

So I'm guessing that's the let down reflex.

Even those "heavy flow" nursing pads are no match for my breasts today. So now I'm using Dave's big socks folded into 1/4ths. I look completely ridiculous but it is better than having to change the bed sheets four times a day!

Poor Eddie get showered in milk whenever I'm feeding him. He doesn't latch on right away so during our struggle to get his face into position he gets all wet. Dave and I just laugh at this point as he helps me tuck dishtowels and clean cloth diapers on my belly and lap to soak it all that I've realized there isn't a dang thing I can do to stop it, the whole situation has become pretty amusing.

I tried to nurse in the backseat of the car this afternoon but got my shirt so wet that I made Dave take Eddie into the doctor's office for his weight check. There was no way I was going into the office with a dripping shirt.

Dave asked our fabulous doctor how long we can expect my boobs to be so leaky. His answer was obvious: it depends, but usually it'll only be this way for a few weeks but some leaking will continue the whole time I choose to nurse. The thought of Dave talking about my leaky boobs to our doctor makes me, how childbirth can change a person's comfort level!

We've had some nursing issues that I'll get into in another post. It is hard to type with a baby laying on the desk in front of you so I'll wait until later.


steph.kelley said...

Hm, I'm ignorant in so many birthing phenomena -- this is just one of them. (Just so, glad you posted about water breaking -- as I too have apparently been duped by movies! Surprising that no book or doctor or friend lets slip the reality of it...) Go mom and dad for your great sense of humor throughout all this new business! :D I love you guys!!

mu rye uh said...

can you tell I am blog stalking you. I promise I'll calm down soon. Anyways good luck with the boobs--I love the sock idea. You should buy some newborn diapers and tape em in there. haha