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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Two Weeks

Last Thursday Eddie had his two week appointment with the doctor. Babies are usually given two weeks to return to their birth weight. Well, our little porker was over a quarter pound past his birth weight. At least we know he's getting enough to eat!

The doctor said he's "thriving," which makes me happy, and that his skin is great. Most babies, he said, look like teenagers with all the acne and peeling in the weeks following birth. He's had some acne on his cheeks but nothing major.

(Yes, I know I put too much baby powder on him that looks like I floured him!)


huntfamily said...

i love his face...i want to squish it!

Mike Hummell said...

Congratulations Julie & Dave! What a fine fellow Eddie is.

BTW, Julie's comments about her breast-feeding travails remind me of the comment I heard on an old radio show (The Life of Riley) years ago. After his first child was born, Riley explained to some friends that "It's easy having a baby. Ask any man!".