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Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Due Date!

Well, today has come and gone and Eddie made no effort at being born. He's apparently happy doing round-house kicks in my belly and having near-constant hiccups.

Edward went to San Francisco with a friend from college for the day so he recruited my mom to come stay with me "just in case" and also to help me with the dogs. Ruby got her sutures out today and was released from the confines of the lampshade collar--so now she can play, chew on her beloved rawhides, and go to the dog park again. So far she and Emmy haven't had any more's hoping it stays that way.

All the pregnancy books say to "just relax" at this point in the pregnancy, especially if you are overdue. Although they never specify, I assume that means sit around with your feet up. I have a really hard time sitting around doing nothing--even idly watching tv or reading for hours on end is tough, especially now that my back has started to hurt again. I'm much happier when I'm being productive and doing something. If my fingers weren't numb and swollen I'd start on a cross stitch project or relearn how to knit.

Today my mom and I went to Goore's, a large boutique-type baby store in Sacramento, to get a few things. She treated me to a beautiful baby book and matching photo album. I already filled-in all the pages I can in the baby book. Then we went to the Mother and Baby Source store here in town to get a second diaper pail liner and the accessory kit for my breast pump. One of my professor's wives gave me her old pump so I just had to get all the new plumping pieces for it for sanitation reasons. Friends have suggested that I start pumping early so I can take advantage of baby sitters early on or be able to get out of the house without the baby for more than 2 hours at a time if I want. (I guess if I get bored later I could wash all the pieces and figure out how to use the pump...)

We ate lunch downtown and then headed home. While my mom napped on the couch I painted some remaining pieces of trim in the garage and hung out the laundry. I took a short nap but was rudely awoken by three VERY huuuuuuuuuungry puppies who were crying for their dinner.

So here I am as of today, not any larger nor carrying noticeably lower than before. (I realize I look skanky in that wife beater tanktop since you can see my bra through it...but it was just too hot to care today.) I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and hopefully I'll be checked for effacement and dilation.


Mimi mouse said...

Those darn ETA's! First time he came a week early second time she was late. I think relax means don't run around all the time because when labor comes it will be tiring enough

steph.kelley said...

You don't look skanky, you look beautiful! Your hair is all shiny, and you're sporting my favorite hot-summer clothing of all time -- nothing beats a tank top and jean shorts, with ponytail to polish it off. A glowing girl in that ensemble makes me yearn for Livermore summers of old!