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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Before I Pop

Dave and I stuck a white board on the side of our fridge where we write all our "to do" items as they arise. Because I'm a super-organized nerd, I also keep lists on the computer of major "to do" items, such as the Pre-Baby To Do List. We also have a dream list of the major changes we want to make to the house (such as new windows, replacing the driveway, etc.) but for which we don't yet have the money.

I find that rather than asking Dave repeatedly to do something for me, if I write it down on the white board, he's much more likely to remember to do it. Plus, he has the satisfaction of erasing it once he's finished it. (We all like that checking-off feeling of accomplishment!)

There are a few looming items I need to get done that have been haunting me on that board for the last several weeks. Having Edward here during the week has slowed me down a little since we usually find something else fun to do during the day. Yesterday, for instance, we went to the Sacramento Zoo. Although the mild weather was nice, the heat still got to me and my hands were SUPER swollen by the time we left. We also went to the Volvo pick-n- pull place in Rancho Cordova and got some random interior pieces for my car. It'll be so nice to have cup holders again...

Here are the items I would REALLY like to get done today or tomorrow so my board can be wiped clean before I birth this babe:

-make an appointment for the City Inspector to come on Friday (to sign off on our permits for the gas line/oven installation and the new water heater)
-make pillow covers for the living room pillows (I've had the fabric for over a year already!)
-clean the kitchen cabinets with oil soap (something you're "supposed" to do with stained cabinets...not that anyone ever does...but I figure now's my chance because I'll surly never do it once this little guy is around)
-clean the bathroom showers with CLR
-measure for the Corian counter tops to go over the new cabinets we installed (we have plywood there now)
-prime/paint the corner trim so Dave can install it
-paint the old picture frame and turn it into a message board with criss-crossed ribbons
-make and install the safety straps for the changing table
-make and install the safety straps for the used booster seat/high chair I bought to take when we go to other people's houses to eat