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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Whale on Wheels

Have you ever seen a whale on wheels? If not, today's your lucky day:Yesterday Dave and I biked downtown to the Farmers Market, specifically because I wanted to buy tomatoes. The ones we planted up in Gualala aren't quite ready yet. Thanks to the big basket on the back of my bike, we came home with tons of corn, oodles of grape tomatoes, a few pluots, and two kinds of peaches. Then we stopped by the food co-op for a gallon of milk and some basil (since I forgot to buy it at the market).

The Farmers Market was super busy today and there were at least 10 other pregnant gals wandering around. Everyone is about to pop! I read somewhere that more babies are born in August than any other month.

It was so nice to bike again. My cardiologist nixed all activities associated with my SVT episode, but I'm sure the biking aspect had nothing to do with it--it was all stress, pure and simple. Before that happened, I was terrible at managing my stress.

I am so sick of walking, probably because I'm roughly the size of a whale. My weight seems to have leveled-off over the last few weeks (thank goodness!), but walking sure does make my feet swell. Biking is actually the most efficient form of movement ever--with the right bike (most certainly NOT a cruiser like mine!) it is even more efficient than the fastest animals in water or on land. Interesting, huh?

We went slow and it felt so good to use my legs for something other than walking or squatting. I've been outside for an hour everyday this past week, squatting over a tub of really dirty canning jars (i.e., covered in possum poop because they were in the barn for a decade) that I'm cleaning up for the impending madness of canning season. If you ever have seriously gross canning jars, just soak them in soapy water for 24 hours, scrub them with a brush to knock off all the solid gunk and dirt, then soak them in an acidic solution for 24 hours, then run them through the dishwasher. I'm using muriatic acid (read: hydrocholoric or pool acid) at about 1 cup per 5 gallons of water. Just make sure to wear dish gloves when you fish the jars out of the acidic water in case you have sensitive skin.

Anyway...With the milk I made fresh mozzarella cheese so we could have caprese salad with our dinner of grilled steaks and corn: I have a plan to find out who invented caprese salad, find that person, and give them a really big hug. I love it soooooooooooooo much.

Saturday was a fantastic, relaxing day spent just with Dave and our dogs. I wonder how crazy next Saturday could be? Might I be in labor then? Or already have my sweet boy at home with me? Who knows!

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Mimi mouse said...

How the heck do you make cheese?